Would you consider hiring this person?


Simple, not excessive, not usual but not over top really. Its kinda pretty, but is this too much? Do you know something about this teen just from seeing this??


Piercings are the new race!

Piercings are becoming a new prejudice!!


Fortunately people are dedicated to helping you not get in trouble by the means of a “secret railroad” if you will


What do you think?

So what kind of jobs would you say scare you the most out of getting a tattoo. I’d imagine you’d be more afraid to get one if you were to work as kindergarten teacher as opposed to a associate at a guitar shop. Personally at my current job we are not allowed to have any visible tattoos but anywhere where they are covered up and out of site is fine by the management. I work at a (somewhat higher-end) Fast food chain here in California. I do know of some people who have visible tattoos working here and they seldom speak about their art in such a fear of being fired. So where do you work and whats your tattoo/piercing policy??

A simple observation

The other day when i walked into H&R block to take care of some tax preparations, i was confronted by a  very well dressed woman. She was a absolute pleasure to talk to, very witty, charismatic, and cleaver. She was professional by nature and would not stand out in a line of corporate workers as far as problematic went. She reached over to grab some papers and the arm part of the shirt raise just enough to show some ink. Upon seeing this i paid very close attention to details for the remainder of the conversation. She was happily married with a 2 year old daughter.  Nothing about this woman gave me a particular bad vibe but due to the stigma in corporate american society i was cursed to think otherwise. The conversation ended well, my taxes were on their way, and i had a sense of accomplishment in finding an actual real world example of what i have been writing on here for the past few weeks. Cheers!

Whats the deal!?