What’s the deal?

“If you have a visible tattoo, you will only get a dead-end mediocre job if that” some say. “It is a counter-culture and companies will view such displays on your body as a representation of poor work ethic” some say. Do they have any traction in their arguments? Does having art displayed on the flesh really determine the depth and abilities of a person? We all know appearance mean a lot in the workplace concerning interactions among fellow co-workers as well as clients, customers, and anyone outside of the company that might view that person as a representation of the company. Yet people will often say that Tattoos are simply a means to specify their identity and perhaps give a clearer representation of the type of person they are by displaying their beliefs, interests, lifestyles, and choices in the form of art on their flesh. So they why are some companies so against it? Granted some tattoos are graphic and may put some people off but for those that aren’t, why? Does the right image put people off from hiring someone that can be the left image?

More than Meets the eye


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