Tattoos vs. Piercings

Is it more acceptable to have a lot of tattoos or a lot of piercings? Im talking about how people will react to it in general. Do people have more tolerance to an excess of tattoos or piercings? I personally would prefer more tattoos but thats simply because i prefer tattoos over piercings in general. What do you think?


Piercings being a hazard?

There doesn’t seem to be too many jobs where there is a huge problem with piercings as far as affecting jobs. I’m sure there are a lot, id just like to know what they are? In my normal day i don’t encounter any people with jobs where it would really affect your work so much other than the typical social stigma.

My Personal Opinion

I’ve given it though and I’ve decided my stance on tattoos, piercings, and work. I honestly believe tattoos and piercings are completely okay within boundaries. First and for most i think holding a respectable job and having visible tattoos should be okay only if the tattoo is a non-offensive form of art. By offensive i mean not containing any cursing, any illicit sexual acts, or depiction of violence in such a way that a child who might see it might be taken aback. Lets face it, tattoos are some of the most beautiful forms of art but to some it might just be a message of hate or a dive into the twisted disgusting mind of the individual. If you are to work at a respectable job you cannot represent yourself in such a way. As far as piercings go i think they should be fine at work too as long as they are not excessive and give a sense of discomfort to someone looking at it. Meaning pierced eyelids, mouths pierced partially shut, and piercings that stretch any part of the face out. Again we are trying to be expressive here with the piercings but lets not turn this form of being edgy into just becoming a complete public show.

Counter culture

Do you think its alright to discriminate based on appearance? Granted somethings are over the top and like in anything too religious, too racist, too obsessive can be a bad thing when trying to hire someone. But lets say a simple display of their uniqueness, would you consider that something that’s not to be tolerated if the company chooses not to. Religion is a choice, racism is a choice, obsession and hobbies is a choice, the way you live your life is a choice yet we will still hire them if they are qualified but not those who are qualified but look different?

Whats the deal!?